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06/22/09 - China pictures added:

01/20/09 - Added a countdown timer

01/17/09 - Nothing new....just a ping

09/25/08 - Pictures added, "what's new" section updated just so that it doesn't look abandoned

03/02/04 - This site is not being ignored. I am actually adding pictures fairly regulary, just not updating the home page. The "tip of the day" randomizer is not working very well. It seems to return the first tip almost every time. I'll have to look into it later. Just keep reloading the page if you want a different tip. It will change, eventually.

09/15/03 - Minor updates, more off-roading pictures. More baby pictures coming soon.

06/08/03 - Finally added Baby Pics!!! You're welcome, Mom.

02/10/03 - Added more off-roading pictures. Mostly from Hollister, some from Cow Mountain.

11/10/02 - Finally added pictures of my Cat! Now I just need some javascript rollovers and an animated gif or two and I'll be up to the state of the art in homepage design, circa 1996.

10/27/02 - Added pictures of floor remodeling project

10/9/02 - Added Photo Gallery section and Hollister album

8/22/02 - Added Land Rover/ Off-Road section.

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The power of accurate observation is frequently called cynicism by those who don't have it.
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