About McUne.com

McUne.com is my "personal home page." I have been developing websites professionally for several years and decided that I should probably make my own site.

This site is designed primarily to be a collection of resources that I can access from anywhere. Hopefully, the some of the information that I put here will be useful for others as well.

I enjoy solving programming problems, so when someone asks me how to do something on the web, I usually hack up a quick solution for them. Most of these will eventually get posted on my Tools and Toys page.

The secondary purpose of this site is to showcase my skills and capabilities as a web developer. Occaisionally I do contract jobs and I want to have a site to show prospective clients.

This site, not unlike every other site on the net, is under construction. Someday I hope to reach a point in the development of this site where it no longer scares clients away but actually fulfills the stated goals.

If you have any comments or suggestions about this site, drop me a line at webmaster@mcune.com

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