Lessons Learned

Newbie Lessons

  1. Pay attention to what you are driving into, not what you just drove through.
    When you get excited about the obstacle you succesfully cleared, you tend to forget about what's in front of you. This can lead to embarassing situations and unsitely body modifications.
  2. Think about why you bought the Land Rover.
    You will dent and scratch your vehicle, especially if you are learning. If the damage bothers you, you need to re-evaluate your purchase and then go trade it in for a minivan.
  3. Style points are important!
    On my 1st trip, every time someone would bounce their back bumper on something, the trip leader, Chris, would say "You lost your style points". At first, I thought "Who cares about style out here", but after watching the more experienced drivers, I realized that style is skill. It's a lot more fun to go out and skillfully negotiate obstacles instead of just banging your truck on rocks and trees.
  4. Your vehicle has 2 sides.
    Don't forget to pay attention to the passenger side of your vehicle. Just because you can't see the other side doesn't mean you're not about to smash it into a tree or sheet metal eating rock.

Off-Road Tips

More tips later...
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